How to change the color scheme/theme in Visual Studio 2010

If you are working all the day using Visual Studio 2010, you might had the necessity of changing the color scheme of Visual Studio 2010. So following post will teach you how to change VS 2010 into a different color scheme.

First step is changing the color scheme for the editor.
  • Go to and download a color scheme of your preference.
  • In VS 2010, Tools --> Import and Export Settings
  • Go through the wizard and browse the downloaded file and finish the wizard.
  • Now your editor's color scheme will be changed.
Second step is changing the theme of the UI.
  • Install the Visual Studio Color Theme extension into Visual Studio IDE.
  • Download a suitable theme file from this site.
  • In VS 2010, select Theme --> Customize colors
  • In there import the downloaded theme file and apply it.
Now you have a new changed UI for a difference.

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