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One Piece

Introduction So I thought of writing a blog so that I can improve my writing skills.  Since every blog which gives blogging tips tells me to write about something I like, here I am writing about my favorite TV series/manga/anime.
One piece is a Japanese anime and manga series written by Eichiro Oda. One Piece manga was first published in 1997 and since then has been one of the most famous manga series of all time. 

Story The story revolves around a teenager named Monkey D. Luffy who is aspiring to become the Pirate King. To become the king of pirates he needs to discover the mythical treasure “One Piece” which the previous pirate king Gol D. Roger found at an island named Raftel.
So Luffy set out for sail and in his journey he happens to have a lot of adventures and through them a set of companion which are known as Straw-hat pirates. Each of these companions have their own dreams such as Zoro ( a swordsman) to be come the greatest swordsman of the world and Nami (the navigator) t…

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